According to DAN (Divers Alert Network), over 30% of dive accidents and emergencies can be attributed to divers using unfamiliar, ill fitting, or poorly maintained equipment.  Be a safer and more comfortable diver and let Dive Time help you select the equipment that best fits your diving profile, personal needs, and budget.  From the occasional recreational diver to the technical diver, we can design a package for you at competitive prices.



    • Sherwoood                
    • Atomic 
    • Cressi 
    • Akona Bags & Scuba Gear
    • Ocean Reef Full Face Mask
    • Henderson
    • Innovative Scuba Concepts
    • Princeton Tec Lights
    • PADI Sportswear
    • Seacure Mouthpieces
    • Sea & Sea Photo
    • Sea Pearl
    • 2001 Viz
    • View Swimming Gear  
    • Genesis
    • Sherwood Cylinders
    • Freestyle Watch
    • ABBiller Speargun
    • Sea Soft
    • Reactor Watch