Sherwood "Blizzard" Balanced Scuba Regulator Cold water diving regulator 1st & 2nd Stage



Sherwood Quality! The Blizzard is the first regulator specifically designed for extreme cold water conditions and the top choice of cold-water divers worldwide 1st and 2nd stage FIRST STAGE SPECIFICATIONS: Moving Orifice and Disk Springs balance the regulator to compensate for changing tank pressure to assure easy breathing from beginning of the dive to the end Unique first stage valve Two, primary-flow ports boost outlet pressure to the second stage for easier breathing Environmentally sealed first stage keeps water from entering, virtually eliminating the chance of freeze-up. Also keeps out contaminents associated with diving. Sherwood's unique, Patented Air-sensing Channel System delivers a high-performance boost when you need it. This unique system lets the piston and orifice open wider for increased air flow during peak demand conditions (like deep dives, buddy breathing, artifact salvage, or following a big fish!) SECOND STAGE SPECIFICATIONS: Plated fins and heat sink retain the warmth of your exhaled breath to prevent freeze-up or second-stage free flow Sherwood's exclusive baffled-and-extended exhaust tee reduces bubble size and moves them out of your line of vision Reduced regulator bounce and jaw fatigue Wisdom mouthpiece comfortably eases the bite needed to hold the regulator, further reducing jaw fatigue Includes extended exhaust tee 2 year limited warranty