Atomic Aquatics SS1 Safe Second Alternate Air Source Regulator Octo

Atomic Aquatics SS1 Safe Second Alternate Air Source Regulator Octo

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The Atomic SS1 is the newest and most sophisticated product of its type, taking the concept to new levels of convenience, reliability and performance as only Atomic Aquatics can deliver. Features of this outstanding Octo include: ATOMIC Quality Exceeds all expectations The SS1 breathes just like a primary Atomic engineers a new level of performance into safe seconds. The SS1 is truly a fresh innovation on a longtime concept. While others prioritize the convenience of the combination, Atomic placed equal importance on superior materials, reliability and high performance natural breathing. The SS1 delivers high flow rates to a diver at depth with a minimum of effort It is very stable and not prone to unnecessary free-flow or leakage from water movement while swimming or during entries/exits The inflator/deflator is easy to operate with soft surfaced buttons placed where they can be easily operated with one hand The SS1 is constructed of quality materials not found in any other safe second on the market The regulator orifice and lever are Titanium for maximum strength and reliability One of the most unique features of the SS1 is its adaptability to almost any BCD The SS1 features a quick disconnect not only on the low-pressure hose, but the BCD hose as well. The SS1 offers pneumatic or oral inflation for buoyancy control and back-up breathing in one small package The elliptically-shaped body of the SS1 lies flat against the BCD keeping it out of the way and reducing drag 2 year/300 dive service interval Limited Lifetime Warranty - not contingent on proof of service Because you Deserve it! DIVE THE BEST! DIVE ATOMIC!